“Tajik – China insurance” LLC., offers voluntary insurance of responsibility of customs warehouses and owners of temporary storage warehouses.

Object of insurance:

  • ☑ the object of insurance are not contradicting the legislation property interests of the Insured related to its obligation to indemnify the Beneficiaries in accordance with the Civil code of the Republic of Tajikistan, real property damage caused by loss, shortage or damage of goods accepted for storage.

Insurance cases:

To insured events include events that occurred in connection with the exercise by the Insured of storage of the goods transferred to it cargo owners, and only in specially allocated and equipped premises, open areas or other places in the possession (by right of ownership or in leasehold) of the Insured intended for the storage and specified in the insurance Contract, if such storage is carried out by the Insured without the transfer of things for storage to a third person, even though at the same warehouse.

Insurance event is the occurrence of the policyholder’s obligations under the applicable law of the Republic of Tajikistan, to recover real property damages caused to Beneficiaries due to the loss, damage or shortage of goods received from the Beneficiaries of storing, expressed in the presentation of a justified property claims or court decision confirming the occurrence of the above duties.