“Tajik – China insurance” LLC., carries out all the possible types of combined vehicle insurance.

We are willing to insure:

  • ☑ vehicle CASCO;
  • ☑ all types of cars and trucks;
  • ☑ special vehicles on their basis;
  • ☑ minibuses and buses;
  • ☑ road construction and agricultural machines;
  • ☑ additional equipment in the vehicle hull (equipment, components, assemblies, products, not included in the standard factory provided, mounted stationary on the vehicle);
  • ☑ civil liability of the vehicle owner;
  • ☑ driver and/or passengers from the accident.

We cover the following risks:

  • ☑ road traffic accidents (RTA);
  • ☑ theft, robbery, burglary or theft of the insured vehicle;
  • ☑ wrongful (intentional / reckless) actions of third parties;
  • ☑ fire, fire, explosion;
  • ☑ subsidence, failure of roads or bridges, collapse of tunnels;
  • ☑ natural disasters and natural hazards;
  • ☑ falling on the vehicle of any foreign objects;
  • ☑ causing harm to the life, health or property of Victims in road accidents;
  • ☑ bodily injury received by Insured persons (driver and/or passengers of the insured vehicle) while in the cabin (the body) of the vehicle.

The advantages of auto insurance in the “Tajik – China insurance” LLC.:

  • ☑ high manufacturability of insurance;
  • ☑ simplified procedure for compensation of losses on the hull of the glass elements, as well as in the event of damage to paintwork (no other damage) one element of the body without collecting certificates from the authorities;
  • ☑ in consequence of the accident and during recovery of vehicles is a replacement vehicle to the Insured person;
  • ☑ flexible tariff policy.