“Tajik – China insurance” LLC., offers voluntary insurance of cargoes. The risk of financial losses during the transport of goods, regardless of the terms of the contract with the carrier. Our main goal is to prevent financial losses due to random events. Such events can become damage and full loss.

We are willing to insure:

  • ☑ various goods of legal and natural persons for the period of transportation, including incidents during loading and unloading operations.

We cover losses:

  • ☑ in General average;
  • ☑ all the necessary costs to save the cargo;
  • ☑ accidents during loading, stowage or unloading of the cargo.

At the request of the Policyholder, the contract may be concluded on the conditions: “with liability for particular average”, “with liability for all risks” or “Without liability for damages, except wreck cases”.