“Tajik – China insurance” LLC., offers voluntary insurance of property. We are unable to protect their property from sudden accidents, fire, or flooding, but we can protect ourselves from unnecessary spending, because the cost of insurance policy is much lower than the cost of reinstatement of the property.

We are willing to insure your property:

  • ☑ buildings, structures (including facilities for the cost of finishing and repair);
  • ☑ engineering communications;
  • ☑ commodity-material values (goods, raw materials);
  • ☑ equipment of main and auxiliary productions;
  • ☑ office and business equipment, furniture;
  • ☑ tools and equipment;

We cover the following risks:

  • ☑ fire, lightning, gas explosion;
  • ☑ natural forces and natural disasters;
  • ☑ damage to property from the water supply, Sewerage, heating and fire protection systems;
  • ☑ wrongful actions of third parties;
  • ☑ burglary with unlawful entry and robbery;
  • ☑ hitting the ground vehicle;
  • ☑ the fatal fall of a manned aircraft or its wreckage.

Additionally, the amount of insurance protection of property might include the following risks:

  • ☑ the battle of glass;
  • ☑ breakdown, etc.