“Tajik – China insurance” LLC., offers voluntary insurance against accidents. Insurance against accidents is necessary not only to representatives of dangerous professions, but also to all citizens.

Insurance policy can protect against unforeseen circumstances, however, it will help you to compensate financial losses in case of an accident. In a difficult moment we will take care of your problems. In the insurance case the ” Tajik-China insurance” help and support.

We cover the following cases:

  • ☑ physical injury;
  • ☑ temporary disability;
  • ☑ disability;
  • ☑ lethal outcome.

Accidents are:

  • ☑ burns, frostbite, attack intruders or animals, falling of any object;
  • ☑ acute poisoning by drugs, poisonous plants, poor quality of food products (with the exception of foodborne illness – salmonellosis, dysentery, etc.);
  • ☑ the disease or after vaccination tick-borne encephalitis (encephalomyelitis);
  • ☑ electrocution, electric shock;
  • ☑ random fractures, dislocations of bones, breakage of teeth;
  • ☑ accidents that occurred during the motion of vehicles (train, car, etc.) or at their wreck, at using cars, mechanisms and any kind of tools.

Benefits of insurance in the company “Tajik – China insurance” LLC.

  • ☑ the minimum time for the purchase of the Policy;
  • ☑ high level of insurance protection at small premiums;
  • ☑ discounts depending on the number of insured, regular customers.