“Tajik – China insurance” LLC., offers voluntary insurance of the collateral. When you use credit, under pledge of property of the enterprise, there is a need to ensure insurance protection of the collateral. Credit organization a balanced and deliberate approach to insurance collateral of their clients, focusing on the experience and reliability of the Insurer, and also at a high level and speed of services. This is to protect the property interests of the company and the Bank in case of loss, destruction or damage to property.

We are willing to insure:

  • ☑ buildings (administrative, industrial, warehouses, commercial premises, offices, etc.), buildings, residential and non-residential premises, objects under construction;
  • ☑ equipment (production, trade, technology, electronic, office, etc.), power and other machines, transmission devices, goods, raw materials and other inventory items.

We cover the following risks:

  • ☑ a fire;
  • ☑ explosion;
  • ☑ water damage from plumbing, heating, sewer systems;
  • ☑ infiltration of water from adjacent premises;
  • ☑ natural disasters;
  • ☑ theft, robbery, burglary;
  • ☑ wrongful actions of third parties;
  • ☑ falling aircrafts or their fragments and other items.