“Tajik – China insurance” LLC., offers insurance aircraft and civil liability of the air carrier (public, civil) who have the certificate on the state registration of aircraft, certificate or airworthiness certificate or other equivalent documents.

Objects of aviation insurance:

  • ☑ aircraft, civil liability, carriage of the air carrier;
  • ☑ air travelers.

We cover the following aviation risks:

  • ☑ insurance of the aircraft in case of any damages, destruction or disappearance;
  • ☑ during the flight or on the Parking lot.
  • ☑ when storing the aircraft parked in the hangar;
  • ☑ during maintenance on the Parking lot or repair works in the technical centers and plants;
  • ☑ during transportation by another mode of transport.

Liability insurance carrier:

  • ☑ to third parties;
  • ☑ to passengers;
  • ☑ to the cargo owner.

Life insurance and health of the crew from the accident to the period:

  • ☑ flight operation;
  • ☑ performance of official duties (working time);
  • ☑ around the clock, for 24 hours.

The advantages of insurance company “”Tajik – China insurance” LLC.:

  • ☑ high level of reliability of the insurance protection;
  • ☑ unique experience and knowledge of the aviation insurance;
  • ☑ high-quality reinsurance protection of risks accepted for insurance;
  • ☑ use of special tariff policy.